Child Protection Policy

Their Protection is our Utmost Concern

A warm, friendly, and safe environment – that is all any child wants, and what every child deserves. We at SOFKIN believe that protection and safety of the children in our care is essential and a top priority. We have developed rules and guidelines for the protection of children. These rules follow and exceed the local and India laws. We want to assure an environment where our children feel safe and are treated with respect. We have developed and implemented these policies with the assistance of other NGO’s, professionals, and officials.


How We Keep Our Children Safe

SOFKIN children policy

We, the leadership, children, visitors and volunteers of SOFKIN, are all responsible for the safety of children. Our policies work to ensure we act together to develop a culture of safety and security practiced at every level of the organization, from the children through to management.

All policies and regulations are in line with the law and incorporate the principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. These policies put the child first.

Our closed circuit tv camera system operate 24/7, assuring all public spaces in our building are monitored and secure to keep our children safe.

We partner with social workers, local, national, and international NGO’s, and other organizations to keep our staff and team well versed in safety protocols, trends, and provide awareness to protect the children.

Every volunteer and visitor is carefully screened before they can enter the facilities. References are checked and verified. If the visit wasn’t planned or an appointment wasn’t previously made, the person will likely be turned away.

Our team of trained professionals are constantly monitoring interactions between staff, volunteers, visitors, and children for any signs of mistreatment or abuse. Staff receives regular training to remain updated on the latest protocols, procedures, and studies. Abuse to the children, in any form, is not tolerated.

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