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Internship Program at SOFKIN

Internship Program

SOFKIN is an organization that transforms people's’ lives. It is a home. It is a family. Many kids grow up without any form of guidance or direction. SOFKIN welcomes these children and provides a safe environment for them, as well as teaches them about family and love.

Every kid has the basic necessities in order for them to survive- shelter and food, and the thing that makes SOFKIN great is that it also supplies the resources for the kids to thrive-the ability to maintain good hygiene and get an education; However, what that makes this organization unique is the amazing dynamic it is has created. The kids refer to one another as “akka” and “anna”, meaning sister and brother respectively, demonstrating the close bonds that has formed in the home.

To understand the impact of what being an Intern at SOFKIN is like, read about the experience of Hely Desai on her blog.

SOFKIN is not just an institution filled with helpless children. The kids are not dependent and incapable. It is not just a hostel. It is a home.

Selection Criteria

What would an intern be doing?

Going to stay as an intern in the SOFKIN home is an eye-opening and life-changing experience. Not only can you have a great impact on the lives of the SOFKIN kids, but they will also have a huge impact on yours. We welcome students who are passionate about service, committed, and share our values of life.

You would stay in the home for two to three weeks with the children. Through this, you will develop invaluable friendships and have a meaningful experience. To have the best impact, you need to have a plan. Choose a specific area to focus on, then make a plan, or a syllabus, to follow while you are there. Here are some examples of good areas to focus on:

  • 1. Public speaking in english

  • 2. Nutrition and exercise living a healthy life

  • 3. Reading in english

  • 4. Tutoring in school subjects

Another way you can make an impact is by creating a project that you could do with the kids. This could be an art-related project, a cultural project, etc.

Rules and Regulations


The intern would have to be able to agree with the values that are taught in the home and he or she must be tolerant of the kids. The expectation is that the intern is going to the home to make an impact. So, the intern should be putting everything they have into the internship, meaning that they should not be stuck on their phone or gadgets all day. It is important to create a connection with the kids and to help them as much as possible.

During the Internship:

Updates: During the internship, the intern will be expected to reflect on every day. These daily updates will just include the following:

  • 1. What was accomplished that day, or what the intern taught

  • 2. How the SOFKIN kids perceived the information

  • 3. Any stand-out kids in terms of doing chores, homework, etc.

These updates will be given to Chaya at the end of the trip.

Post Internship:

After the trip, the intern will write a reflection about the trip. This will include the following:

  • 1. The intern’s feelings about staying in the home

  • 2. How the intern interacted with the kids

  • 3. Explanation of how the intern’s goals were met or were not met and why they were met or not met

  • 4. Anything that could be improved in SOFKIN

  • 5. Any additional information that the intern would like to add

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