SOFKIN children are back in the swing of things

Back In the Swing

SOFKIN children are back in the swing of things, after returning from their one-month summer holiday with their family or guardian. Four new children were also admitted in June, bringing the total number of children in the house to 39. Joining the SOFKIN family at this time are 7 – year old Hansika, 5-year old Tulsiram, 8 – old Sairam, and 12 – year old Akash.


Along with resuming their normal routine at SOFKIN, everyone returned to school on June 11th. Jagsish, an 8th grader, was elected Assistant School Student Leader. He credits his leadership training at SOFKIN for helping him achieve this honor. Parmesh, a 7th grader, was happy to come in first in a art drawing competition.

Among the college-bound children at SOFKIN, Nivedita was promoted to undergraduate school, where she will study micro-biology. Her sister, Nikhita, started junior college and will study biology. Nihkil received a good ranking on the Polytechnic entrance test and is waiting for admission.

We are also pleased to report that SOFKIN was granted its 80G certification, which means all donations to SOFKIN are tax deductible. This certification is important as we continue to raise funds for our new building and continue to support the children in our care.

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