Growing Bigger and Just Getting Better

RHYTHM 2015 just keeps getting bigger and better. It’s going to be an exciting event as we celebrate our 10th Anniversary. Tickets are going fast and the auditorium is expected to be full to capacity. Get your tickets now! We’ll be starting at 5:00 pm on the dot – and you don’t want to miss a moment of this amazing celebration!


None of this, though, would have been possible without the amazing support of our generous sponsors.

These wonderful businesses provide the media coverage, food, or money that is needed to pull together an event like RHYTHM 2015. Their generosity to the event and those attend allows every cent raised to go directly to providing for the children.

Children like HK, a lively five-year-old, and BR, her seven-year-old brother. These are among the many children whose lives have been transformed by SOFKIN over the past ten years. The two children had a difficult childhood. HK was only three months old when their alcoholic father abused and burned their mother. Their grandmother complained to the police, who put the children’s father in jail. She then began to care for the HK and BR herself. However, she was elderly, had health problems and also had a husband who drank. A paternal aunt brought them to SOFKIN when she realized that she, too, couldn’t care for them.

HK came to SOFKIN with many health problems. She had severe skin allergies and her head will full of lice. She had never been taken to a hospital. SOFKIN arranged for her to receive the medical care that she needed and she is now completely healthy.

HK also cried continually when she first came. She would run away at every opportunity and sit by the front gate, hoping to get out. In addition to the love and care provided by the housemothers, the other children reached out to her, sharing their toys with her. Gradually, HK became the happy, cheerful child she is today. She also recently scored in the 9lst percentile in school testing as she moved from Lower Kindergarten to Kindergarten.

BR, in contrast, seemed to deal with the stress in his early life by trying to be an obedient child. When he came to SOFKIN, he always kept his things neat and clean. Although he seemed very smart, he had never gone to school. He is now happily in the second grade and doing very well.

Please join us for Rhythm 2015 as we celebrate the many, many lives that have been transformed at SOFKIN and see our plans to continue that transformation for years to come.

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