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School,Traditions, and Kindness

The school year is drawing to a close for the children of SOFKIN. They recently completed their final exams for the year, with several children achieving high marks. Twelve percent of the children secured more than 90% in their exams, while 20% scored over 80%. Overall, almost 2/3’s of the children scored over 70% in their finals, while many of the remaining children secured over 60%. All in all, this is a wonderful testimony to the hard work and discipline that the children put into their studies, as a result of their being at SOFKIN.


Before school ends the last week in April, the children will participate in an end-of-school tradition at SOFKIN. They begin by first removing all the unused pages from their school notebooks. They then make a new scrapbook with these pages. The scrapbook can be used for drawing, keeping a journal, or other any other purpose the child comes up with. They also sell the sheets of paper that have been used to a sheet vendor. The proceeds from this sale are used for recreational activities, such as birthday celebrations or having special treats. In addition to the tangible things coming out of this tradition – a new scrapbook or special treats – the children learn the value of wisely using resources.

After school ends, the children will have a one-month holiday – which they are all looking forward to! – before school resumes at the end of May.

In March, SOFKIN received a very special gift from Mrs. and Mr. Mohan Patiola, long time SOFKIN sponsors. To commemorate their daughter’s 15th birthday, they covered all SOFKIN expenses for the entire month of March. The children also celebrated her birthday along with the monthly birthday celebration of SOFKIN children. Additionally, Mr. and Mrs. Patiola bought a new set of clothes for every child, plus provided for a special meal. Going forward, they have committed to covering all expenses for the month of March every year. We are very grateful for this generous gift.

There is another unique opportunity that has come to SOFKIN, and you can help us make even more of a difference in our community. GreatNonprofits – a review site similar to TripAdvisor – is honoring highly reviewed nonprofits with their 2016 Top-Rated Awards. Won’t you help SOFKIN raise visibility for our work by posting a review of your experience with us? All reviews will be visible to potential donors and volunteers. It’s easy and only takes 3 minutes!

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