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SOFKIN Children Score Well at School

SOFKIN children are doing so well in school, Chaya learned during her recent visit to India. More than half of the children scored over 80% in their first term exams. Another 6 SOFKIN students received special awards in arts, sports, and/or studies.


Among the college and school going students, Nikhita, who is studying biology in junior college, scored 92% in her term exams and stood as a second topper in her class. Ansuha received Junior Commissioned Officer CO (JCO) rank in National Cadet Corp (NCC). Keerthi & Veena received best dancer awards. Paramesh received a gold medal and Jagadish received a silver medal in Karate. Kranthi, who will graduate in May with a bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering, received a full time job offer as a result of doing well in college recruiting interviews. He is excited to be headed to NetCracker, an important IT firm in Hyderabad, upon graduation.

Of particular note is the case of Meena, a 17 year old who has been at SOFKIN for five years. Meena was recently accepted into a program offered by the Yashoda Foundation, whose mission is to provide free vocational training for orphans. She is currently participating in English speaking, MS Office and other vocational training classes provided by the foundation. They have also pledged to provide additional skills training to help her reach her career goal of becoming a nurse.

The Yashoda Foundation was brought to the attention of SOFKIN by Mr. Raghuveer, a SOFKIN child sponsor for over 5 years. Meena provides a wonderful example of the opportunities possible for SOFKIN children as a result of partnerships between SOFKIN, other caring organizations, and dedicated SOFKIN supporters like Mr. Raghuveer.

Children celebrated Rakshabandhan and Ganesh Chaturdhi festivals with great joy and excitement. The children participated in various celebrations in the community and also celebrated monthly birthdays as usual.

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