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The Amazing Year That Was – and the Great Year We’re In


It’s hard to believe we’re almost through the first quarter of this year. So much is always happening at SOFKIN that it is hard to keep up! Here are some of the highlights – and you can see the full annual report


hildren’s new homes. It was a glorious day when children, donors, house mothers, friends and family came together to

Several of the young people of SOFKIN were entering or preparing to enter college. Just as anyone would, they think about what they want to be when they graduate. A clear vision or some practical participation makes things easier for them to decide. Nikhil and Mythri took this path as interns at PamTen. It’s a perfect opportunity for them to spread their wings and see what the world has to offer – but still have the guidance they need.

Throughout the year, as in the past, the children and staff members participated in a number of

The staff workshops provide networking opportunities as well as information about changing

Festivals, birthdays, anniversaries, good news – there’s always something to celebrate! The children not only enjoy these gatherings of their SOFKIN family, they play an active part in planning the activities. As a non-sectarian organization, everyone participates in a variety of religious celebrations, as well as national holidays and occasions. There is a monthly party for all the children whose birthday is in that month. There’s always something to celebrate!

Wrapping Up the Year with a Gala Luncheon

In the US, the annual fundraiser took on a new RHYTHM this year with a Holiday Luncheon at Rasoi III Restaurant in December. The event was so much fun! It featured elegant and exciting brought in a number of new sponsors and donors!

Thank you to all of the event sponsors: PamTen, PNC Bank, CCI Compass, and Wells Fargo. And a special thank you to all that attended and helped bring smiles, hopes, and helped make dreams come true for the children of SOFKIN.

The 2019 event is already in the planning stages and promises to be even more exciting that last year.

Looking to 2019

This year is moving quickly, as are the children! Each month holds new adventures, as well as the standards of school, self discipline, and home responsibilities. They take everything in stride and strive to do their best. There are also exciting plans in the works for this coming year. We’ll let you know as soon as they develop and you can always find out more at our blog.

The one thing that is consistent throughout the years is the appreciation everyone at SOFKIN has for those who support the children. Without the help of so many kind spirits, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish our goal of giving them the best possible home we can.

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