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The Dream Grows to New Levels

The new building continues to rise! The ground floor slab was laid earlier this year. Everything is now being made ready for the casting of the 1st floor slab, scheduled for the week of May 22. Chaya is in India from May 21 – 27 to oversee this second key milestone in the construction of the building.


The children of SOFKIN are very excited about and very involved in planning for their new home. At Chaya’s request, several children made a visit after the ground floor slab was laid and meditated together, sitting on the ground in the shell of the new building. They also offered silent prayers, asking for good wishes and good will for their new home.

A group of children recently painted a small temple that has been constructed at the building site. The temple contains an idol of Shirdi Sai Baba, an 18th century spiritual leader who taught interfaith principles of tolerance and respect for all religions. On her February visit to SOFKIN, Chaya brought the idol of the saint from the altar in her New Jersey home – believing Shirdi Sai Baba to be a meaningful guardian of SOFKIN’s new home. Accordingly, the children painted the temple with symbols of all the major religious faiths in the world.

Children also visit the building site every Sunday. Because the SOFKIN van can only hold 8 people, the housemothers hold a weekly “raffle” to select which children get to visit the site that week. The lucky raffle winners always return with lots of exciting news to share with their SOFKIN brothers and sisters. Through their various visits and conversations about the new building, the children are able to visualize and begin dreaming about their new life there. Some have said that they will help maintain the garden once they move in; others are imagining what the play and recreation areas will be like. All the girls and boys are teasing each other about their respective buildings, saying that their building will be the best! Through their anticipation and excitement, the children are indeed living examples of “Give a home and share a smile.”

The children’s enthusiasm is contagious, as all who are involved with the construction seem to have an emotional attachment to their work. The construction workers keep the children in mind as they are building, sometimes offering practical suggestions such as changing the height of bathroom fixtures for the smaller children. They are not just putting up a building, but constructing a home that will be filled with children who need, and will receive loving care.

We invite you to be a part of this exciting endeavor and keeping the children’s dreams alive and growing! Join us at Rhythm 2017 on Saturday, June 3. See the latest pictures of the new buildings and hear about the exciting plans as this dream comes closer to reality! Buy your tickets at the link below.

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