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The Reason We Are Here – One Child’s Story

As we look forward to Rhythm 2015, SOFKIN’s 10th annual fundraising event on June 13, we remember the many children SOFKIN has cared for over the past 10 years. One such child is Nivedita, who is 17 years old and one of the older children at SOFKIN. She and her younger sister, Nikitha, came to SOFKIN six years ago from very difficult life circumstances. Their parents were often in conflict, fought every day, and both had made suicide attempts. Both parents passed away when Nivedita was 5 years old and Nikitha only 15 days old.


Nivedita and Nikitha then went to live with their grandmother and aunt. Although their grandmother was greatly concerned about them, she was elderly and would often fall sick. Their aunt, who worked in a rice mill, took responsibility for their education. However, there were many financial problems and the children stopped going to school for 3 months. When Nivedita was 11 and Nikitha was 6 they learned about SOFKIN and were brought here by their aunt.

Nivedita and her sister are very happy to be at SOFKIN. Nivedita describes their lives as totally different now. She explains that “after meeting Chaya Amma, I saw my mother’s love and care in her.” And although she lost her childhood, she “has seen much of myself in the other children.” She is grateful for the many things SOFKIN has given her: “We have rules and regulations for the betterment of our future. Here we get nutritious food. And we come to know about responsibility, learn leadership qualities, and many more other lessons only because of SOFKIN.” Nivedita is also proud of the fact that she has completed 12th grade and Nikitha 10th grade in “good and reputed schools.” In fact, Nikitha has the 2nd highest scores in her grade. Nivedita next plans to enroll in a Bachelor of Arts program, majoring in social welfare, something that would have been unthinkable had she not come to live at SOFKIN.

RHYTHM 2015 is an opportunity to celebrate how the lives of Nivedita and Nikitha – and many, many others – have been transformed by SOFKIN. Please join us on June 13 as we honor the 10 years that we have been creating caring homes for destitute children – made possible because of the generosity of our supporters. The festivities, which will include scintillating dances and music, are from 5pm to 8pm. Click below to get your tickets!

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