SOFKIN Children with Chaya Pamula

Why We Have Rhythm

“Poverty is the worst form of violence,” declared Mahatma Gandhi. And seeing children malnourished, under-educated, and neglected on the streets is heartbreaking. SOFKIN was founded on the conviction that this does not need to be these children’s fate. “This is something we can change,” promised Chaya Pamula, SOFKIN’s founder.


In this short, 10-minute video, Rising Above: The SOFKIN Story, you’ll see how the fate of SOFKIN’s children is indeed being changed. The nutritious meals, daily exercise, interfaith prayer and meditation, and first rate education are important ingredients. But the difference, the uniqueness, and the heart of SOFKIN is the loving care children receive as members of the SOFKIN family.

Sadly, the need is growing. When this video was made a few years ago, SOFKIN was serving 33 children. (The two homes mentioned are actually one home with 2 floors – one for boys and one for girls.) Today, 54 children are crowded into the home.

Please join us this coming Saturday, June 3, for Rhythm 2017! You’ll hear more about the SOFKIN story – including an update on the construction of the new, larger building.

The ‘Alternate Angle Architects Pvt Ltd’ from Mumbai, India are the architects for the new buildings of SOFKIN. Ms. Snehal Surve and her team have visited SOFKIN project in person, understood the needs of the children and designed the architecture by keeping every minute detail of the children’s daily activities in mind. They are overseeing the quality of the construction work in progress and are kind enough to offer their services without any fee.

Alternate Angle Architects Private Limited

Alternate Angle Architects Pvt Ltd believes in providing innovative and unique solutions through design process and work methodology. They balance their design ideas with financial viability of the project and client requirements. Their core area of practice focuses on energy efficient architecture, urban design, urban planning, and interior design projects. SOFKIN team is highly confident about the overall quality of their services.

You, too, can be a part of this exciting endeavor and catch the RHYTHM! Just click the link below to get your tickets now to be a part of the RHYTHM of caring.

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