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Transformed with Love and Guidance


The Gift Of Learning

Education is key to everything that SOFKIN does. Through every aspect of a child’s life at SOFKIN, he or she is supported to achieve academic success, as well as learn the values and life skills needed to reach their full potential.


That’s why we are establishing an Education Fund, and we invite you to join us in raising our goal of $20,000. The children are extremely talented and have high aspirations to become Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Engineers, Teachers, Army & Navy professionals, Nurses, IAS officers, Chefs, Nutritionists, Scientists, Architects, Social Workers, and so much more. That is why we need your help in building the educational fund – to help them realize their dreams.

Just write EDUCATE FUND in the note section of your donation – and thank you!


A Full Heart for SOFKIN’s First Child

Kranthi – one of the first children to be admitted to SOFKIN 10 years ago and the first to graduate from college – is a wonderful example of what is possible when educational opportunities are

combined with the loving, nurturing environment of SOFKIN. Since earning his BS degree in computer science engineering two years ago, he has been working at PegaSystems as a software engineer and is now financially independent.

Kranthi was delighted to be able to surprise Chaya, when she arrived in Hyderabad for a recent visit, by cooking her dinner in the two-bedroom flat he had just purchased. At a housewarming party two days later, Kranthi greeted over 150 guests – including most of the current SOFKIN children – and talked about what a difference SOFKIN has made in his life.

The Transformation

Kranthi’s life has, indeed, been transformed from when he was selling tea on the streets as a 9-year-old. As we reported in an August 2016 blog, Kranthi remembered his initial days at SOFKIN: “I spoke no English, received fail grades in school, lots of behavioral problems from my side, don’t know the importance of education, good character and no goal for future. But it was Chaya Amma who believed that I can be transformed with proper guidance, love, facilities and by providing opportunities. I see my past now, the change started slow but very consistent and at one stage it started became exponential. I started seeing myself as a Leader in Academics, self confidence level shoot up; I am able to compete with others in doing excellent job.”

Kranthi said that he couldn’t imagine his life if SOFKIN hadn’t been there to support him as a child who was surrounded by poverty, drugs, and illiteracy. “I still see many children here on streets who passing through the same stage like me 10 years back. The only difference between me and them is I got an opportunity in the form of SOFKIN.”

Returning the Opportunity

Because of the “opportunity in the form of SOFKIN”, Kranthi has been able to provide a home for his mother and younger adult brother – he recently moved them into his flat – and is investing money in an ice cream franchise for his brother. He is especially proud that he has also become a child sponsor at SOFKIN.

We would love for you to join us in helping other SOFKIN children realize their dreams by contributing to the Education Fund. Your donation – whether it’s $5 or $500 – will help us change lives, one child at a time. Thank you so much for your support!

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